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Why Us?

Tent Advertising

Advertising Your Cars on BuyCar24

Advertising on BuyCar24 is both effective and efficient.

Read below to find out why BuyCar24 is different and how we can help promote your showroom and cars.

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Thai & English Language

BuyCar24 is the only multilingual car website in Thailand, providing your showroom and cars with a greater audience and helping you get ready for the ASEAN.

We provide full translations of your cars and showroom in a growing number of languages, getting your cars in-front of more potential customers than ever before.

ExclusiveBigger Photos

Bigger Photos

We take pride in the quality of our photos. Our photos are the biggest and arguably the best in the market, providing potential customers with the confidence they need to make a more informed decision.

Our staff are trained to take consistent, high-quality photos of your cars every time. We do not Photoshop any car photos – providing a real snapshot of the vehicles and their condition.

We provide 12 photos for each car; 6 external and 6 internal.


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Interactive 360° Panoramas

Let customers look inside your cars with our innovative and unique 360° panoramas.

Proven to increase inquiries and sales, our 360° panoramas allow customers a virtual look at the cars interior.

This is a world first and available exclusively to BuyCar24 showrooms and is offered as part of our Featured Car option.


YouTube Videos

Our YouTube videos are proven to increase inquiries and sales of your cars. Videos dramatically increase your exposure to a wider audience.

Videos can be shared through Facebook, email and even placed on your own website.

Available exclusively to BuyCar24 showrooms, our videos are offered as part of our Featured Car option.

Tent Profile

Free Showroom Profile

Our showroom profiles are just like having your own website, maybe even better.

Updatable at any time, your profile displays all your cars, contact details, interactive maps & directions, email alerts, photo gallery of your showroom and the services you offer.

Interactive Street Maps

Customers will have no problem locating your showroom with our easy-to-use maps and direction guide. In a single click customers can find exactly where you are and the quickest way to get there.

Don’t lose-out on sales anymore because customers can’t find you.

ExclusiveMonthly Reports

Monthly Reports

Know exactly how your showroom is performing.

We provide in-depth monthly statistics and easy-to-understand reports for your showroom, letting you see precisely where your customers are coming from, how many cars you’ve sold and much more.

Only available on BuyCar24.

Mobile Alerts

Email Alerts

Sign-up for email alerts of new cars matching a brand, make or model, or alerts for new cars from a showroom.

Our free Email Alert service notifies people interested in your cars the second they become available.

ExclusiveOnline Marketing

Online Marketing

We make sure your cars are found by the right people all the time.

Our targeted Online Marketing service promotes your cars on Google, YouTube and thousands of other websites.

BuyCar24 has a team of online marketing specialists who work tirelessly to promote your showroom and cars. Want proof? You will see the results in our monthly reports.


Weekly Newsletters

Our Weekly Newsletter is sent to all our members promoting the Car of the Week as well as the latest cars and showrooms.

Our newsletters go directly into your potential customers inbox; marketing your cars to an already interested individual. The most targeted and beneficial online marketing available.

Social Media

Facebook & Social Media

Your cars don’t just appear on our website, we publish all showrooms and cars to multiple social media channels, putting your cars in-front of a wider audience.

Our social media marketing helps you get your cars in-front of the right people at the right time.


Pricing Overview

Showroom Size (# Cars)Price Per Month
5 Cars200 Baht/Car
10 Cars133 Baht/Car
30 Cars88 Baht/Car
50 Cars73 Baht/Car
100 Cars53 Baht/Car

For a full price list and the different advertising options and payment plans, please contact us.

ExclusiveFeatured Car

Featured Car

Want to promote one of your cars? Featured Cars are displayed before other cars in the search results. Featured Cars are also displayed on our homepage and are promoted through our social media channels including YouTube, Facebook and more.

Featured Cars include our innovative 360° panoramas and videos and are proven to get double the number of visitors.

Sell your car quicker with our Featured Car option starting from 1,000 Baht/Car.

ExclusiveFeatured Tent

Featured Showroom

Make your showroom standout from the rest. With our Featured Showroom option your showroom is displayed before others in the search results and is also promoted on our homepage.

Featured Showrooms are proven to get double the amount of visitors.

Boost your inquiries for just 500 Baht/Month.

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